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Books 2-4

The Sword is the first book in the series, followed by The Souls, The Fire, and The Queen.

The Souls

Six months after her life took a major turn, Jewellia Wells finds herself and her new family in the middle of a quest that has turned out to be more important, and more dangerous, than she ever imagined. As Jewellia and her team get closer to figuring out their true purpose, it becomes apparent that Ambrose will stop at nothing to prevent their success. After a few close calls and a devastating loss, Jewellia realizes the only way forward is to sacrifice the few to save the many. However, Jewellia also knows Ambrose would never be satisfied with just her life. He will demand a more important sacrifice... namely, her soul.


The Fire

Time is running out for Jewellia-- and her entire team knows it. As a result, playing it safe is no longer an option. Outside the circle of protection, they encounter situations that are far more dangerous than before and that test their collective skills in ways previously unimagined. Along they way they encounter people and information that push the boundaries of reality and will forever alter their perception of the world. But that altered perception might just give Team Jewellia a fighting chance. Maybe... Ambrose has also assembled a team of nefarious creatures to assure that he gets what he wants--and he is playing for keeps. Jewellia's best hope for survival will come down to her own skill set, the trust she has in her team, and the realization of her destiny.


The Queen

In the final installment of the series, Jewellia, like anyone else, enjoyed a bit of solitude from time to time-- but not four straight years of it! A house that was once full of people she cared for was now empty and silent by contrast. That is, until a man she'd never met before showed up on her doorstep with shocking information about a mutual acquaintance. That information would start Jewellia on a journey that would be more dangerous than anything she had faced before. Soon she would have no choice but to solicit help from others, and as a result, a new team was assembled that boasted some familiar faces, as well as some new. Unfortunately, as the team grows, so does the danger, and no one is immune. Along the way, Jewellia finds that to better understand her future and the threat that is endangering them all, she has to delve deeper into her past. However, acquiring that information has consequences of it's own. In the end, Jewellia finds her destiny is already chosen, and it is not a fate she can escape.

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